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Chef Christopher's Zoom Cooking Classes 

     Ever wonder what it would be like to cook with a professional chef. Now here is your opportunity to live from the comfort of your own home cooking redefined Greek Cuisine with Chef Christopher Fread.

     Each class is hands-on and I will be going step by step over each dish. I offer Private Live Zoom classes for individuals or couples or small groups (up to 4 devices)


If you are interested please inquire below for pricing and we will be in contact.

Public Live Zoom Cooking Classes 

Christopher's Class Schedule

Public Zoom Class Details

Live Zoom Cooking Class 

Date and Time Coming Soon ....

Coming Soon ...

New Class Coming Soon

but in the meantime please check out our 

Live Family Zoom Cooking Class !!! 

    I will be posting upcoming public group classes on this page of my website and also on my social media pages. The menu will be changing to reflect seasonality and my philosophy of "Redefining Greek Cuisine". 

     Each hands-on class will be in a group   setting with other guests via Zoom. I will be going step by step over each dish. The ingredients and equipment list are on this page so if you would like to purchase them and cook along. If you just want to just watch and cook later that is completely up to you as well. 


  • Live Zoom cooking classes will be maxed out at 4 guests per session and the price is $30 per guest.

  • Live Family Zoom classes will be maxed out at 4 families per session and the price is $60 per family on one device. 


If you are interested please click Book Now below; and that will walk you through all the steps to complete. Hope to see you soon! 

Live Family Zoom Cooking Class 

September 19th, 2020 at 11:30 AM

Live Online Cooking Classes

Simple Greek Salad

Feta, Oregano, Cucumber, Peppers, Tomato, Secret Vinaigrette, Kalamata Olives, Lemon

Homemade PastA

Fresh Pasta Dough, Simple Tomato Sauce, Basil, Fresh Parmesan Cheese ** Pasta Machine Highly Recommended ** 

Private Live Zoom Cooking Classes 

     Each private hands-on class will be hosted for you and one guest via a private zoom on one device. I will be going step by step over two dishes of your choice. I would recommend that we cook one appetizer and one entree.

     Live Zoom private cooking classes will be priced for you and 1 guest. For pricing please reach out to Chef Christopher (Click button below)

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