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Chef Christopher's Zoom Cooking Classes 


     Ever wonder what it would be like to cook with a professional chef. Now here is your opportunity to, live from the comfort of your own home cooking redefined Greek Cuisine with Chef Christopher Fread.

     Each class is hands-on and I will be going step by step over each dish. I offer Private Live Zoom classes for individuals or couples or small groups (up to 4 devices)


If you are interested please inquire below for pricing and we will be in contact.

     In each private hands-on class we will be cooking one appetizer and one entree. I will send you a list with the ingredients and equipment list so you can purchase them and cook along.


  • Live Private Zoom cooking classes will be a flat rate and it will accomadate an individual, couples or a small groups up to 4 devices. 


If you are interested please click to inquire. Hope to see you soon! 

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